FIRE INSURANCE IN JAPAN (2016-Update to the 2012 Revised Edition)

The ISJ series textbook "FIRE INSURANCE IN JAPAN (2016-Update to the 2012 Revised Edition)" was published in August 2016.
[A4 size; 179 pages; JPY6,200 plus 10% tax if purchased in Japan]

Chapter 1 The Fire Insurance Market of Japan

Chapter 2 Fire Insurance for Dwellings and General Risks

Chapter 3 Fire Insurance for Business Risks

Chapter 4 Savings-type Fire Insurance

Chapter 5 Fire Insurance Rates – General Review and Rates for Dwelling Risks and General Risks

Chapter 6 Fire Insurance Rates – for Factory Risks and Warehouse Risks

Chapter 7 Earthquake Insurance for Dwelling Risks

Chapter 8 Earthquake Insurance for Business Risks

Chapter 9 Retention and Reinsurance of Fire Insurance

Chapter 10 Office Administration and Computer Systems for Fire Insurance

Chapter 11 Data Management of Fire Insurance

Chapter 12 Sales Promotion in Fire Insurance

Chapter 13 Loss Prevention in Fire Insurance

Chapter 14 Fire Claims Adjustment – Function and Process

Chapter 15 Fire Claims Adjustment – Evaluation and Calculation

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