The institute publishes a series of textbooks written in English for the ISJ courses on the practice of non-life insurance in Japan. Current textbooks consist of Fire, Marine and Inland Transit, Automobile, Miscellaneous Casualty (Commercial Lines), Miscellaneous Casualty (Personal Lines), Reinsurance, The Insurance Act, Insurance Regulation, and Overview of the Non-Life Insurance Business.


Summarizing the original Japanese versions, we have translated and issued a number of brief papers of our research on the following theme into English. Those who wish to refer to these summary papers, please contact us via the enquiry form link below.

    Prevention and Mitigation of Natural Disasters by Insurance Industries in Other Countries (2017.3)

In order to assist the Japanese insurance industry in its study on future prevention and mitigation of natural disasters, we researched the measures provided by insurance industries in five countries; the USA, the UK, Germany, France and Switzerland, which are known for their advanced insurance markets and the global operations of their insurance companies.
After outlining the natural disaster insurance systems in those countries, we introduced the major loss prevention/mitigation services provided by insurance companies, insurance-related organizations and others in this paper.

    Systems & Status of Corporate Governance of Insurance Companies in Other Countries (2016.9)

In order to have the revised revitalization strategy of the Japanese Government take a concrete form, in June 2015, the “Corporate Governance Code” was newly introduced and applied to publicly listed companies in Japan. In line with the above move, Japan’s Financial Services Agency revised the Comprehensive Guidelines for Supervision of Insurance Companies and formally announced that their management structures would be monitored to see whether or not insurance companies were engaging in businesses in accordance with Japan’s Corporate Governance Code.
In order to study the ideal format of corporate governance, which would be applicable to the Japanese insurance industry, we researched the systems and status of corporate governance of insurance companies in five foreign countries, namely the UK, Germany, France, the USA and Singapore.

    Compensation for Damages in Other Countries (2016.3)

In accordance with the increasing number of inbound foreign tourists coming to Japan, liability claims filed by foreign individuals are expected to increase along with a rise in automobile accidents cases involving them. In order to handle negotiations smoothly and maintain appropriate insurance claim payments, it is important to understand the compensation systems in place in the victims’ countries of residence in terms of levels of compensatory damages as well as customs and culture.
Under these circumstances, we have compiled factual details, which should be kept in mind, such as how compensatory damages are handled in the following eleven countries and regions when dealing with auto claims in Japan involving foreign nationals: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

    Use of the Internet & Mobile Devices in the Insurance Industries of Other Countries (2015.9)

A study was conducted to find out how the Internet and mobile devices are being used in the sales and claims handling of non-life insurance together with the extent of the implementation of other new information technologies in the following eight countries: The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, China, India and South Korea.
In order to understand how technological progress and changes in consumer behavior are likely to affect the non-life insurance industry and to help take necessary actions and make preparations, we summarized our findings in this paper, which is to be used for reference purposes. The situation in the following countries and regions was surveyed: Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, China, India, Brunei, Laos, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    General Insurance Markets & Systems in Asian Countries(Part 2) (2015.3)

 With the purpose of envisaging how Asian countries plan to cope with the new environment in light of the ASEAN Economic Integration of 2015, we conducted a second research project. Due to recent significant changes in insurance related laws and regulation systems, we updated our 2013 research project’s findings and facts. The survey was conducted in the following fifteen countries and regions: Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, China, India, Brunei, Laos, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


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