The ISJ series textbook "REINSURANCE (2014)" was published in December 2015.
[A4 size; 164 pages; JPY5,700 plus 10% tax if purchased in Japan]

Chapter 1 Introduction

  1. Significance and Objectives of Reinsurance
  2. Types of Reinsurance
  3. The History of Reinsurance
  4. Legal Aspects of Reinsurance

Chapter 2 Facultative Reinsurance

  1. Facultative Reinsurance
  2. Mechanism of Facultative Reinsurance

Chapter 3 Proportional Reinsurance

  1. Treaty Reinsurance
  2. Mechanism of Proportional Treaties
  3. Types of Proportional Treaty

Chapter 4 Non-Proportional Reinsurance

  1. XL and Non-Proportional Reinsurance
  2. The Mechanism of XL
  3. Important Conditions in Actual XL Practice
  4. Non-Proportional Reinsurance Other Than XL

Chapter 5 Several Factors Regarding Retention Decisions and the Coordination of Reinsurance Cover

  1. Concept of Retention
  2. Several Factors Relating to Retention Decisions
  3. Decision of Retention
  4. Benefits of Various Types of Reinsurance Cover
  5. Areas Suitable for Each Reinsurance Cover
  6. Reinsurance Pool

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